Save the stories behind your photos.


A website and mobile app where users and their families can build an interactive family tree and collective narrative of their family history. Users can arrange memorable stories, photos, and family recipes based on time periods and particular family members.


Anthology completes our user’s personal narrative because it helps users discover and understand themselves better by showing them the timeline and evolution of their lives. They can preserve their life-long memories, values, and personal identity through creating a narrative of their valuable stories, photos, and details.

Anthology also helps users complete their collective narrative. Many people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want the things they do to have a higher purpose. Anthology provides users with a sense of belonging and importance that comes with understanding where they come from and the journey their family has gone on throughout history. By building their family story, they have created a “history book” that their family can enjoy together and pass on to future generations.


We created a user journey map to track how our users will navigate through the app. We evaluated their experience from the discovery of Anthology to their loyalty as a long term customer. We tried to empathize with them and infer what they could be experiencing thinking and feeling through their actions.

Product Designer, Strategist, Team Leader

Pratt Design Management