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Similar to my work with History Vault, I have worked on Lifetime movie club for the entirety of my time at A+E Networks. I started working in production and marketing where I learned a unique perspective of the consumer of LMC before starting to design its User interface. By being a part of all aspects of the app’s creation I streamlined processes to make the app easier to update, navigate, and align with marketing. This was a massive undertaking that allowed me to design for various platforms like ios, web, Roku, and Apple Tv to name a few. 


Lifetime Movie Club is a subscription-based product that delivers users all the terribly amazing movies that lifetime is known for. Enjoy themed playlists and new movies rotated in every week - you'll always have something new and juicy to choose from! I worked on this product through several rounds of iteration, the product is ever-changing in order to better suit the needs of a growing user base. 

Lifetime Movie Club platforms: IOS, Android, Web, and Emerging Platforms: Roku, Samsung Tizen, Fire Tv, and Apple Tv 


Box Art for Lifetime movies featured in the app. 

My Role

Lead end-to-end design through research, interaction design, visual design, prototyping, and cross-team collaboration. I redesigned the user interface on IOS, Web, Amazon Fire Tv, and Apple TV. 

With my position as the Senior product designer on the SVOD team, I am the sole UI/UX designer for LMC and HVault it is my job to work with various teams to make sure these two and any future products are user-friendly and perform well. 



With this redesign Lifetime movie club had an opportunity to refresh its look and align closer to what audiences were viewing on linear. We wanted to offer a more premium viewing experience that immersed them in the crazy world of lifetime movies. With this upgraded experience the team added new features, recalibrated the content offered, and added to the volume of videos. Lifetime movie fans are a very specific audience and we wanted to cater to their need for a fun environment that enticed them to indulge.


Treated header images for the new Lifetime Movie Club direction.   


Business Goal: Acquire more paid subscribers, and keep them binging Lifetime movies.

Design Goal

  1. Create an inviting experience where users come to for an escape from reality and experience the drama of a Lifetime movie. 
  2. Be an extension of the larger Lifetime brand and offer everyone’s favorite Lifetime programming in an on-demand format.
  3. Encourage users to explore new content added 

Measuring Success 

  • Amount of time spent in LMC
  • Video Views 
  • Number of Subscribers/ Increase after release

Discovery & Research

Lifetime Movie club is a niche product that would be considered an add-on to a traditional cable package or other SVOD subscription, with the content provided and the price point it would appeal to the Lifetime Movie enthusiast. Lifetime movies are known in pop culture to be ridiculous, dramatic and over the top. Viewers use the time when watching to escape their lives and invest in someone else’s problems. This time is often shared with loved ones and helps create memories. Lifetime Movie club takes advantage of the relationship the lifetime movie has created over the years with its audience and offers hundreds of movies old and new that mothers and daughters can experience together. While this specific content is niche, fans are very enthusiastic about it.

As a small team that develops multiple apps and platforms at once we needed a unified approach which we could apply to multiple brands. Lifetime movie club was built on the Design system created for all of our products with the decision to include box art as thumbnails rather than screenshots. The inclusion of box art gives the user a better idea of the feel of the movie before deciding to watch it.

We tested our hypotheses with users and identified some key insights that helped us prioritize features within this update.


Lifetime Movie Club Roku app Homepage.



In the end the changes we made significantly increased our user base and were released at an opportune time in the wake of COVID-19. The Lifetime movie club redesigns refreshed the app and gave users a new look to be excited about. With new features like My List and more curated playlist views we grew our user base further than previously thought possible. We ran a lean operation that exceeded its goals while working from home which proved a big help to the business with COVID-19. While the results were encouraging we also found ways to further improve the functionality and are currently working on new iterations to address this.


Senior Product Designer 

A+E Networks

2018- Ongoing

Jackie Scarangella
Product Designer

Brooklyn, NY 
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